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Day 1 of #asylum is here. Took my starting weights and measurements and pictures. I want to lose some inches so bring it on #shauntfitness!!! I will be focused on strength for the next good while - asylum 1, asylum/p90x hybrid until I start p90x3 late December/January. I want to see what I can do with weights since I have shunned them for the past year or so for the most part in favor of cardio madness and bodyweight strength training. Focus T25 gamma was a good reminder I need to start lifting again to really see the changes I want at this point. Anyway, going to workout later, but wanted the stats done early. Since I’m off I’m going to take advantage of the fact I don’t have to wake up and workout half sleep and fasted and catch breakfast! #asylum #insanity #before #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #goals #beachbody #trendsetterfitness #thisisteamtenacity #teambeachbody #beachbodycoach #coach #lifestyle #30days

Officially introducing my team name under our anchor of Team Tenacity —Trendsetter Fitness. I firmly believe in Beachbody’s mission to end the trend and be an example to others while paying it forward and helping others do the same. That is my passion. To help and to coach and share. I’m so excited to work with my team and with anyone else who is ready. #beachbodycoach #thisisteamtenacity #beachbody #trendsetterfitness #beatrendsetter #endthetrend #health #coach #fitness #wellness #health @shainajohnson @bossladyfit @erinonamission

Alright - I’m getting on my soapbox for a minute here. I have seen a few popular bloggers/fitness people post that now is not the time to start a new fitness program because it’s hard to start things during the holidays. To just do the best you can without making drastic changes and start in January.

✋ the madness. I’m going to give you more real talk. Yes the holidays are busy food times and yes there are more temptations. But last I checked, there are more NON holiday days than holidays between now and January. Add up your days with parties and events and holiday foods. I’m sure there are less than 27 of them right? Then that means less than half the days between today and January are regular old normal days. That means most of the time you can be 100% on your healthy lifestyle grind and make progress so in January you aren’t starting 2014 off 5? 10? 15? Lbs heavier than you are today with the same old mindset. You are starting off already on the way to your goal. Not making new resolutions but continuing to work on what you started. MOMENTUM is a beast.

So stop letting the holidays be an excuse to act up for the next 2 months. And stop listening to that foolishness that tells you to wait to start. Start right now.

And I’m gonna hop off this soapbox for lunch now. #thisisteamtenacity #teambeachbody #coach #lifestyle #dontwait #weightlossjourney #wellness #weightloss #holidays #fitness

Rip’t Up done today!! This is one of my favorites because it’s just 25 minutes of upper body strength. It’s not a big cardio burn, it’s about the pump. The only thing I wish is that I had a rack of weights. I have little powerblocks for space consideration since we live in a small apt. Whenever we move to a house and I can build my little gym space in the basement/spare room the FIRST purchase will be starting to build out a rack of hex weights. #fitgirldreams lol. #focust25 #t25 #gamma #beachbody #beachbodycoach #thisisteamtenacity #strength #health #weightlossjourney #weightloss #inches #wellness #motivated #coach

All month if you commit to your health with a challenge pack you also get 💵 for your next purchase and an equal donation goes to charity. Talk about a full circle karma boost. Help yourself and help others at the same time. I am not eligible to purchase a challenge pack this month, but I will also make a donation to feeding america to do my part for others. Email me or leave your email below if you have questions. Or check my website out, link on the picture :) #thisisteamtenacity #beachbodycoach #beachbody #teambeachbody #changes #challengepack #success #fitness #shakeology

It. Is. On. #operationunstuck starts today. It’s an attitude. A fit-itude so to speak. It’s about committing to the process and making the hard choices. It’s tough love time. No complaining about not getting results that I didn’t work for. No whining about this or that. It’s just about w o r k and being 100% honest about the work that was or wasn’t done. It’s a lifestyle. And it starts NOW. #thisisteamtenacity #beachbodycoach #beachbody #weightloss #wellness #weightlossjourney #FIT #fitness #motivated #cardio #focust25 #t25 #gamma #doublefriday #sweat #health #coach

If you feel like you need a push - join us! This isn’t a #beachbody only group - it’s for anybody who wants support through this season of eating, lots of reasons to fall off or put on weight. I want to help you stay motivated to be SMALLER on January 1st, not starting the new year with a resolution to take off the holiday lbs. I am working on a little daily challenge calendar for us to do as well :) email me for the link to the Facebook group. It’s if you don’t want to email - but that’s annoying to copy so I’m totally fine emailing it. This group is as much for me as it is for you - it’s a TEAM effort y’all!! #operationunstuck #fall #accountability #coach #healthcosch #weightloss #weightlossjourney #focusedfall #letsdothis

Lately I have been doing more maintaining than progressing. And while I’m actually feeling ok with that since I like where I am - in my heart I know that I am not ready for maintenance quite yet. I woke up this morning after sleeping poorly and wanted to go back to sleep. I wanted to sit and play on my phone. I wanted to relax because I was still a little sore. I wanted to do absolutely nothing. That’s what my brain wanted anyway. But my heart knew that I was giving in way too much lately. Giving in because I am ok with where I am. But I know in my heart that I’m not really ok….I’m just ok with it because I haven’t mentally been ready to step it up and dig deeper to keep progressing. Today. This morning. I made a decision to stop bring complacent. To stop putting constraints on myself out of laziness and fear and to start going after what my heart really wants. It’s time to be 100% all IN. #thisisteamtenacity #teambeachbody #beachbodycoach #beachbody #allIN #tenacitydaily #focus #drive #weightloss #weightlossjourney #health #motivated #shakeology #focust25 #t25

Last call for camp! If you have been thinking of starting your own Beachbody business email me tonight! It’s going to be a great way to get you started. This business gives me freedom and so much joy from talking and helping others. It’s also a great accountability tool. Even if tomorrow isn’t the right time, email me and I’ll put you on the list for the next one 👍 #thisisteamtenacity #teambeachbody #beachbody #beachbodycoach @shainajohnson #coach #fitness #business #goals #growth #teamtenacity

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